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Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a co-enzyme, which is necessary for a large number of biochemical reactions within the body. When the body is depleted of this nutrient, recovery and cellular repair is limited. This treatment has been found extremely beneficial for neuroadaption in situations such as addiction, PTSD, high stress, and stroke recovery.

  • NAD+ with certificate of authenticity from the pharmacy

$355 up to

$625 up to

$800 up to

Phosphatidylcholine IV

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) both intravenous and orally helps to balance the mixture of fats in every cell in your body. When cell fats are balanced they behave and communicate with other cells in healthier ways. Reverses age-related changes in heart muscle cells. Increases cell membrane fluidity and health. Enhances liver function and protects against alcohol, pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, and infections. Reduces cholesterol, triglycerides and Lp(a) levels, reducing the risk of atherosclerosis. Improves DNA regulation.

$200 base
+$50 per vial

Immune IV

Packed with high quality vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, our Immune IV is an excellent way to receive nutrients that help more effectively nourish and rebuild your body. Give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal healing and increased immune response to reduce the rate of infection, and increase your overall well being.

$345 with 5cc glutathione push

Chelation IV

The primary use of chelation therapy is to remove heavy metals from the body, such as: mercury, lead, tin, and cadmium. Bioaccumulation of these metals can lead to serious health concerns and chelation therapy provides a safe and effective way to rid your body of harmful toxins.

$300 with 5cc glutathione push

Pre/Post Surgery Support IV

Surgery can take quite a toll on the body, and this IV is specially designed to help reduce that burden. Give your body the nutrients it needs for optimal healing, decreased inflammation, and reduced rate of infection.
We add glutathione to promote proper detoxification of toxic anesthesia.

$370 with glutathione push

Vitamin C IV

This IV can be used as a supportive measure in a number of health conditions; including, viral and bacterial infections, allergies, skin aging, and even cancer.


Vitamin C IV

This IV can be used as a supportive measure in a number of health conditions; including, viral and bacterial infections, allergies, skin aging, and even cancer.




Quercetin IV

Quercetin is a pigment found in many flavonoids which inhibits the production and release of histamine and other allergic and inflammatory substances. With our Quercetin IV, these anti-inflammatory properties have the potential to help reduce swelling, kill cancer cells, control blood sugar and help prevent heart disease to get your health back on track.



EGCG is a powerful plant compound most abundant in green tea. Our EGCG IV’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties will help protect against cell damage, aid in weight loss, and increase brain function.


Resveratrol IV

Resveratrol is a natural polyphenolic compound found in some plants and dark-colored berries which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Our Resveratrol IV’s anti-inflammatory effects make it a good remedy to protect you against skin inflammation, and diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and certain types of cancer.


Methylene Blue IV

This antioxidant and metabolic enhancer quickly crosses the blood-brain barrier which improves mitochondrial efficiency and increases brain cell lifespan, resulting in improved memory and mood. At low dosages, our Methylene Blue IV can aid in increasing cerebral blood flow and has the potential to act as an antidepressant.


Add Glutathione, your body’s chief antioxidant, to any of our IVs for an additional $70.

Glutathione boost is Recommended for the following:
• Heavy Metal Chelation  • Pre-Post Surgery

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