Thank you for considering Solcere for your healthcare needs. We understand you have many choices when it comes to who you trust with your health. We are honored to be a resource for you.

We aim to be completely transparent with our billing system. The business of healthcare is messy in part because it is no longer just between a patient and their doctor. Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, government regulations, administrators, as well as supplement companies, food and beverage companies, social media, lobbyists, and many other interests all influence the business of health.

Although these factors do influence the business of healthcare, we choose to treat our patients in the old-fashioned manner. We understand the cost of care for Naturopathic medicine and optimal health may require significant investment, particularly if you are sick. We sincerely wish we could offer our services for a much lower cost to make them accessible to everyone. But unfortunately, we don’t have the financial margins of large corporations, therefore we must operate close to capacity in order to stay in practice. For this reason, we do have a fee-based cancellation policy. Often we have a waiting list of patients and it makes it very challenging to fill these gaps when a patient cancels without giving at least 48 hours of notice. We wish we could be flexible with the hours we set aside on the schedule for patients and easily absorb the cost when patients decide not to show up or cancel in the hours before their appointment. However, without such policy, we would have a difficult time staying in business and serving you. We love what we do and greatly appreciate your business and patronage.


Fee Schedule

Before you schedule your first visit we want you to feel confident in our costs and policies. We can’t post all costs online because they vary widely depending on your insurance and health care needs, but we do post our practitioners’ appointment fees below.

For outside costs, in order to keep fees as low as possible, our staff works diligently with over 20 lab companies to get you the best price for the most amount of information with the insurance plan you have, or cash prices if you do not have insurance.

We offer very high value. A good example of this is the concentration of our unique IV formulas. If you compare the ingredients and concentration levels of our custom IVs to other clinics in the area, ours is often double the strength. We do this because we care about your health and want you to get the most out of your treatment. Our doctors are experts who are committed to not just the minimum training but continued education with experts all over the country in a variety of disciplines. We are offering this value at the lowest cost we can. We do this to keep the medicine we passionately believe in accessible to the largest number of people possible. We are aware of marketing tactics that mark up services or products only to offer a “discounted” price. We feel that is unethical and not in alignment with our goals to be honest and transparent about cost. The best discount we can offer is built into the base price. Therefore, we do not offer further discounts.


We are impressed with the socialized medicine programs available in every industrialized nation with the exception of our own. We wish it were the case here. There are many people who cannot afford the medicine they deserve. As much as we would like to help at that scale, we currently do not have the resources. At Solcere we aim to provide the quality of care everyone deserves for as many people as possible.

We are committed to being on the journey with each of our patients. For some patients, resources are less of an issue. We can do things quickly and they often feel better faster. For other patients, we do what we can at the pace that works for them. Either way, we are here to guide our valued patients to the destination of health.

In good health,

Dr. Sandison
New Patients:
Initial Visits (All New Patients) 75 minutes $995 (this includes one 50-min health coaching session with Tyler).

Established Patients:
75 min Established patient. $750
50 min $535
40 min $435
25 min $285
10 min $140

Dr. Heussner, Dr. Tarquini & Dr. Lund
New Patients:
Initial Visits (All New Bredesen Patients) 75 minutes $720 (this includes one 50-min health coaching session with Tyler).
Initial Visit (Non Bredesen Patients) 75 minutes $595

Established Patients:
75 min Established patient $495
50 min $345
40 min $295
25 min $225
10 min $95

Additional Health Coaching
1 60-minute session $150.00
6 (package) 60-minute sessions $750.00
12 (package) 60-minute sessions $1200.00

Ask A Question

We will reply by email. If this is a medical emergency, call 911

For Disability Assistance Call
(760) 385-8683
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