Naturopathic Medicine is defined not by what we do but why we do it.

Six principles and a therapeutic order guide each decision regarding your care.
Although we are licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical medications and refer for surgery, it is not our only option!

We believe the body has the ability to heal itself. An inherent wisdom is responsible for creating balance in a complex system. Our job is to support it.

The Vis

“The Vis” or the Healing Power of Nature is an inherent, ordered and intelligent healing process present in each individual.

We are passionate about working with you to support your Vis!

First Do No Harm

We prefer to use the least invasive, lowest risk treatment options. We take the time to discuss your options so you to feel comfortable having assessed the risks and benefits with each treatment decision you make.

Although we can prescribe medications and refer for surgery this is not our only option.

Treat the Whole

The physical, mental and emotional body of a person are constantly interacting in complex ways and should be considered both as parts and ultimately as one whole unit.

At Solcere we are dedicated to partnering with health care providers who can assist you with every aspect of your Whole health.

Treat the Cause

Solving the root cause of complex illness instead of using a band-aid to hide symptoms is of supreme value at Solcere.

We are passionate about supporting the process of true healing and enjoy the detective work that goes into identifying the root of your illness.

Doctor as Teacher

We serve as your guide through a healing process where ultimately you make your own well-informed health decisions.

You are the expert in your body!


We work to identify your health risks, promote wellness and help you create your healthiest life possible.

True wellness starts before symptoms ever start.

Our Mission

It is our mission to serve North County San Diego, delivering the highest level of personal service in an environment that supports optimal health and wellness.

We serve Southern Californians interested in natural and complementary medicine in addition to their primary care physician relationships.

We redefine the natural and complementary medical experience, delivering exceptional personal service and care. We offer the highest quality supplements, well-trained and compassionate providers, and a toxin-free environment built to support optimal health and healing.

Ask A Question

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