Our Story and Mission

Our Story and Mission

In my early twenties, I took the opportunity to travel the world. The beauty, culture, and incredible people I met inspired me everywhere I went. I was also overwhelmed and disheartened by the poverty, plastic, and plight I saw along the way. Lying sick from food poisoning in a hostel bunk in Istanbul, I wondered how all of these overwhelming problems could be solved. I felt helpless thinking I couldn’t possibly take on ALL of the world’s problems myself. If not me, then who would solve these problems? Lying on that bunk, feeling despair, dehydration, and exhaustion I realized that if sick people were anything like me, they wouldn’t be the ones coming up with creative solutions.

I thought about the amazing people I’d met in the Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America and realized that healthy people were the ones who showed up. They were the most engaged, the most creative, the most optimistic and the best able to show up and develop solutions. I have always had an interest in health. In that moment, lying there sick, I decided to go to Bastyr and become a Naturopathic Doctor. In that role, I could help people become their healthiest so they could show up for their lives and hopefully, help all of us solve the world’s problems.

If showing up means changing the world, contributing to your community, being present for your family or creating an original work of art then I believe we at Solcere have assembled the most comprehensive collection of experts, education, testing, and supplementation to help you show up more fully. If you are sick and tired of barely getting through your day, distracted by pain, suffering with depression, slogging through brain fog or debilitated by fatigue, call us to schedule a visit.

What I first imagined on that hostel bunk is now part of the solution — adding light to the world. Naturopathic medicine and this clinic we’ve created is helping to cure both people and modern conventional medicine. Conventional doctors are very helpful if you need surgery or emergency medicine. They are not trained to do a great job when it comes to the chronic complaints that prevent our patients from fully showing up in life.

If you’re having trouble showing up in life, please start by showing up at Solcere. Together, we’ll help you heal.

Written by Dr. Heather Sandison ND

Dr Heather Sandison ND


Although we are licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical medications and refer for surgery, it is not our only option! Our healing philosophy blends modern research and diagnostic techniques with time-tested modalities including manual therapies, botanical medicine, diet, exercise, and counseling. We provide a space and experience where families flourish including support for healthy aging, women’s health and hormone balancing, detoxification, naturopathic pediatric care, mental and emotional optimization, men’s health, biohacking and neurohacking, and athletic performance optimization. We deliver the health care experience everyone deserves.

Becoming a patient of Dr. Sandison’s requires hard work. Lasting health requires releasing habits that no longer serve you and making sustainable lifestyle changes that do.

Patients who choose to partner with us find true healing. There is no pill or medication that will guarantee the health that comes with the right nutrition, enough exercise, quality sleep and managing our stressors. We also have advanced testing and individualized treatment designed to help you reach your optimal health goals.

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