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Work with Dr. Semby

Dr. Manna Semby is a passionate believer in the naturopathic therapeutic order which establishes the primacy of the foundations of health: individually optimized diet, exercise, thinking, living, working and relating. She thrives on meaningful dialog, connecting with patients at the deepest level. She collaborates with her patients to bring them back into a state of homeodynamism (“ability to dynamically self-organize”).

With each patient, Dr. Semby considers the latest empirical evidence before devising a treatment plan. Her interests include complex chronic illness such as mold and lyme, reversal of cognitive decline, cardiometabolic health, endocrine (hormone) issues, and integrative oncology. She is also passionate about providing care in group/community settings and working with corporate leaders and HR to devise optimal health plans for employees. She is trained in functional medicine and is RECODE 2.0 certified with Dr. Dale Bredesen protocol to reverse Alzheimer’s. She has been trained by Dr. Iris Bell, Dr. Joe Pizzorno, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. She is currently being mentored by Dr. Neil Nathan and Dr. Paul Anderson.

Dr Manna Semby
Solcere office photos
Solcere office photos

About Solcere

At Solcere we are committed to helping people reverse dementia and Alzheimer’s. We work with patients with many different diagnoses as our approach is to focus on the root cause of disease and establish the foundations of health. Our team of doctors help patients focus on fulfilling their goals by taking care of their health. Whether you have a new diagnosis or have been suffering from a complex chronic illness for a long time, we would love to partner with you to ensure your health does not keep you from achieving your goals.  

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