Health Coaching

Support for you every step of the way.

Navigating Dementia and Alzheimer’s is challenging.
Let us help.

Benefits of a Health Coach:

  • Design a health and wellness plan that will help you meet the nutrition and wellness goals you or your loved ones need, safely and effectively
  • Accountability, encouragement, unconditional support
  • Develop long-term tools to implement into your lifestyle and maintain good health for a lifetime
  • Begin feeling better faster!

What to Expect:

  • Depending on your overall assessment and goals, we can match you with a Health Coach that can work alongside your provider to create an individualized plan to help you meet recommended health and wellness goals.
  • Treatment plans and nutrition recommendations can often feel overwhelming, and at times, our providers are not able to answer all of your questions as quickly as you’d like. This is where a Health Coach can really help support you in meeting your goals and accelerate your journey to great health.
  • You will learn tools and strategies to support nutrition plans, managing medications and supplements, quality sleep and oral health, activity/exercise, and time management for longevity and long-term wellness.
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Example Program:

This example plan is Dementia-focused, and will be individualized. If there are areas you want to work on longer you can, it’s between you and your health coach. Your progress and interests will be assessed along the way to tailor the experience to fit your needs.

Week One
Introduction to the program, diet and overall assessment of your current situation.

Week Two
Immersion into Keto diet

Week Three
All things exercise

Week Four
Sleep and Oral Health

Week Five
Brain Stimulating Activities

Week Six
Creating a healing environment

Week Seven
Managing medications and supplements

Week Eight
Preparing for doctor’s visits

Week Nine
Organizing your week

Week Ten
Caring for the caregiver and loving communication

Week Eleven
Review and reassess diet and exercise

Week Twelve
Putting it together on your own


To gain the most from our program, we have found it’s most effective to have multiple sessions to improve your long-term success.

12 Sessions (1 hour appointments) :

Rates are subject to change

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Your body loves you. Love it back!

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