Interview: The Science of Brain Neurogenesis – Brant Cortright PhD

The bad news is there are toxins in our environment that can negatively impact our brain function, but the good news is we can heal the brain physically and psychologically with lifestyle changes. Clinical psychologist, Brant Cortright, Ph.D., sheds light on the processes of neurogenesis and explains neuroplasticity. He also describes the relationship between cognitive decline, anxiety and depression. In this episode we discuss:

  • What to do about neurotoxins and inflammation
  • The connection between glyphosate and cognitive decline
  • Somatic approaches to healing trauma
  • Why sleep and exercise matter so much for optimal brain function

Tune in as Brant Cortright discusses neurogenesis and shares how to become smarter, learn things faster and be more emotionally resilient.


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Guest Bio:

Brant Cortright, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus with the California Institute of Integral Studies, author, and clinical psychologist.

He has written four books, two #1 international Amazon bestsellers: Holistic Healing for Anxiety, Depression, and Cognitive Decline as well as The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle. Additionally, he is also the author of two books on psychotherapy: Integral Psychology: Yoga, Growth and Opening the Heart (SUNY Press) and Psychotherapy and Spirit (SUNY Press.

He is a featured speaker at conferences and corporate gatherings on the topics of peak brain performance, cognitive enhancement, preventing cognitive decline, anxiety, and depression. He sees psychotherapy clients in his San Francisco office. His orientation is holistic and integral, and he integrates the two major streams of depth therapy – contemporary psychodynamic and existential-humanistic approaches – together with somatic and functional approaches to psychological healing and growth.

He also provides coaching and consultation in the areas of anxiety, depression, cognitive decline and brain health via Skype to people from around the globe. Brant gives workshops throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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