How to Heal from Complex and Chronic Diseases

Most of us have had close encounters with the debilitating effects of complex chronic disease, either through our own experiences or those of a loved one. For 47 years Neil Nathan, MD has been a practicing family physician, and he has devoted his life to helping patients with multiple complex problems that have not responded to conventional medical care.

His current work is focused on reaching as many patients as possible through continual medical practice, mentoring healthcare providers, and creating documented resources. We dive deep into the causes, effects, and healing of complex chronic disease. He sheds light on the enormous effect mold toxicity and lyme disease can have on emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. He empowers listeners with tools for healing, including how to identify many common co-infections and related health problems that can crop up in mold and lyme patients and also how to find healthcare providers.

Dr. Nathan’s message of hope, “if people want to get well, I believe that there is a healing path for them.”



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In This Episode We Discuss:

0:00 Intro
3:19 Dr. Nathan’s journey to become a healer of complicated problems
11:35 Why does mold matter in treating complex chronic disease?
14:43 The tragedy of illness not being taken seriously in conventional medical care
18:06 The varied symptoms from mold exposure
20:39 What to do after moving out of a moldy environment
24:05 Importance of labs: We need to know what we’re treating to treat it correctly
25:55 Allowing the body to inform treatment plan
30:30 Dr. Nathan’s opinion on MARCoNS
33:55 Sinus symptoms and MARCoNS
34:45 What differentiates symptoms of mold and lyme?
42:40 High mold foods: coffee, grapes, and wine
45:54 Best diet for mold toxicity patients
47:12 Difficulty of treating complex chronic disease
56:23 There is hope! Suspected damage might just be temporary inflammation
57:50 All about mast cell activation: How the immune and nervous system respond to toxins and infections
1:04:34 Difficulty of testing mast cell activation syndrome and Dr. Nathan’s 2-tier treatment
1:06:23 The limbic system: Areas of the brain that affect emotion, cognition, and pain
1:09:53 Polyvagal Theory: Functions of the 2 branches of the vagus nerve
1:16:34 Exercises to treat the vagus nerve in just 10 minutes a day
1:18:22 Impaired methylation in chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients
1:23:36 Timing matters for when to improve methylation in a treatment plan
1:27:00 Psychological diagnosis and addressing zinc, copper, methylation and histamine metabolism
1:28:08 Rebooting your health and spirituality
1:33:04 Just start somewhere: Dr. Nathan’s book as a launching point for hope
1:38:09 Dr. Nathan’s current work

Mentions (People, Products, Technology)

William J. Walsh, PhD, FACN 
Richard Shoemaker, MD 
Michael Gray, MD 
Amy Yasko, PhD, NHD, AMD, HHP, FAAIM  
Ben Lynch, ND 
Lawrence Afrin, MD 
Annie Hopper DNRS Program 
Steven Porges, PhD
James Jealous D.O. 
Norman Doidge, MD 
Robert Naviaux, MD, PhD 

Real Time Laboratory 
Great Plains Laboratory 
Frequency Specific Microcurrent 

Books by Neil Nathan, MD 
Richard Shoemaker, MD Mold Warriors  
Stanley Rosenberg Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve








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